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Changes in the Law Affecting Swimming Pools

Significant changes in the law relating to swimming pools were introduced in October 2012 and will soon become operational. The changes affect both existing and new pools.

Under the changes:

  1. An online register of swimming pools will be available from 29 April 2013. The URL of the register is not yet known;
  2. NSW home owners and landlords must register their swimming pools (existing or new) on the register by 29 October 2013. Registering a pool will require the owner or landlord to self-assess whether the pool meets the relevant requirements. Fines will apply if pools are not registered by 29 October 2013;
  3. Local councils will be required to inspect high-use pools (such as in tourist or visitor accommodation and multi-occupancy developments) every 3 years;
  4. From 29 April 2014, if a property is being sold or leased and has a swimming pool, the purchaser or tenant must be given either a certificate of compliance in relation to the pool or a compliant occupation certificate and evidence that the swimming pool is currently registered. Certificates of compliance may be issued by local councils or accredited certifiers and will be valid for 3 years unless a direction is issued by the local council/authority.

FWO recommends that pool owners familiarise themselves with the new requirements and take whatever steps are necessary to allow the registration of their pools once the new register goes live.

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